Worry Free Management

White and Blue Group offers the most money to manage your medallion, and when it comes to payments, we’ll beat any offer from any competitor. Managing your medallion shouldn’t have to be a headache. When you lease your medallion to us, we take care of the hard part for you, and you get your medallion payment every month — on time.

We aim to treat medallion owners right. That’s why we provide concierge services to medallion owners at no additional charge when White and Blue manages your medallion. Whatever you want, whatever you need, if it’s in the USA, MedallionConcierge.com will deliver it to your doorstep, because as a valued Medallion owner, we think you should have the world at your fingertips. We guarantee, you’ll never want another taxi garage once you’ve been with White and Blue Group.

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    1What services do you provide?
    White and Blue is a NYC Taxi Medallion Management Company that pays more to manage your medallion. For services not related to medallion management, visit MedallionConcierge.com.
    2What can I expect when working with WB Taxi?
    We have a commitment to providing medallion owners with the kind of top-shelf treatment we think they deserve. When working with White and Blue group, expect nothing less than the best in customer service.
    3What support do you offer?
    We pride ourselves on unparalleled customer support. Our friendly staff is at your services and ready to help you in any way they can.